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Red Meat for the Crowds

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by Ben Cohen

Matt Osborne on a healthcare town hall meeting in Alabama with Parker Griffith (D-AL):

Give Parker Griffith (D-AL) his props. He knew exactly what kind of a
crowd to expect, and he had a strategy to win them over early: throw
red meat.

Before a packed Norton Auditorium on the campus of the University of
North Alabama, Griffith expressed his concern that illegal aliens would
be eligible for the public option in H.R. 3200 -- a long dismissed falsehood.

The first-term congressman later spoke of closing off the Mexican
border. Over the course of the town hall, he made a series of such
spurious statements, each time winning the audience's agreement.

The wolves' hunger satisfied, Griffith won their attention with the
story of a patient's three-year losing battle with stage three breast

The patient had waited too long to seek treatment because she lacked health insurance.

Griffith then explained the health insurance exchange. Hoisting the
House legislation in the air, he drew applause and laughter when he
remarked that it weighed forty pounds.

With Democrats like this, who need Republicans?