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Most Embarrassing Hip Hop Moments

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by Ben Cohen

A hilarious run down of some facts gangster rappers may not want you to know.The funniest two:4. Lies, Lies, Baby


© Rob Van Winkle/Getty ImagesFor a while in 1990 or thereabout, everyone on the planet was combing through Vanilla Ice's past to see they could find any discrepancies in his stories. Ice repeatedly told the media that he had been raised in the mean streets of Miami. Adding salt to injury, Ice gave 3 different accounts of an incident, in which he claimed he was stabbed 5 times and lost half of his blood. It was later discovered that the tough-talking Ice wasn't raised in the streets. Robert van Winkle actually spent the better part of his teen life in an affluent Dallas suburb. His stories about attending an all-black Florida high school and living a rugged life of crime were revealed to be tall tales3. Officer Rick Ross' C.O. Photos


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Rick Ross modeled his rap persona after the infamous drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross. In reality, Ross' past most resembles that of the men who cuff drug dealers than a kingpin. When photos of a young Rick Ross in prison guard uniform turned up on the web, he consistently denied the reports. Ross insisted that it was a doctored image aimed at assassinating his character. Pile of documents from the Florida State Department of Corrections later showed that Rick Ross had, in fact, worked as a Corrections Officer, forcing the Miami rap star to finally admit to his noble past. "In the game we in, it's real competitive," Ross later explained. "Competitors have to do what they have to do to eat."