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Jackson Death Ruled Homicide. Brace Yourself for Media Hailstorm.

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Michael Jackson vende mais que Elvis e Lennon após suas mortes + Michael Jackson durante show em Nova York (07/09/2001) by MIRIAM GODET.

by Ben Cohen

Just as the healthcare debate reaches its most crucial point, Michael Jackson's death is ruled a homicide. This is about the worst distraction since the Bush Administration raised the levels of terrorist alert during the 2004 election.

I am mildly interested in whether Michael Jackson's doctor prescribed him too many drugs and killed him (I'm not a coroner, but it doesn't seem to much of a stretch), but in the scheme of things, there are far more important things to worry about. Like the survival of the public option that may actually institute real reform of the healthcare industry. Or the war in Afghanistan. Or global warming. You get the picture.

The media will go absolutely batshit crazy over the next few days, and we should expect to see 24/7 coverage of anything mildly related to him (his house, his doctor's house, his star sign on Hollywood Blvd, his dog etc.). It is sadly predictable that the main stream news media will drop everything to focus on something completely irrelevant, and forget topics that actually mean something. But then that is their job - to get higher ratings at all costs, even if it means making a mockery of their profession.

Brace yourselves.