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Americans Dying Because of No Public Health Care Plan

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by Ben Cohen

A horrific story about aDr Joseph Manley, a former practicing doctor, unable to pay for medical care once he got sick himself:

He remained uninsured and largely untreated for his progressively
severe condition for the following 11 years. Blood tests that could
have diagnosed him correctly were not done because he couldn't afford
the $200. Having lost his practice, he lost his mansion on the hill and
now lives in a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs. His Porsches have
made way for bangers. Many times this erstwhile pillar of the medical
establishment had to go without food in order to pay for basic

The rest of the story looks at a poor town in Kansas where few are insured and free medical care is at a bare minimum. The result of no public health care infrastructure, unfortunately, leads to unnecessary chronic disease, unemployment, and in many cases, death.