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The Biggest Waste of Marketing Dollars Ever

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by Ben Cohen

From The Business Insider:

According to CBS marketing president George Schweitzer, a video ad will be included in an insert of the September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly. It will promote the network's Monday primetime lineup this Fall and will also be produced in conjunction with CBS
advertiser Pepsi Max.

This has to be the biggest waste of advertising dollars I have ever seen. While the novelty of the new type of ad will generate a buzz, people are more likely to pay attention to the technology rather than the actual programming. Is CBS not aware of the internet? At a fraction of the price with about a million times more reach, CBS could have taken out a full page, interactive ad on various high trafficked websites and achieved far superior results. Not to mention the monumental waste of material, the massive migration of people moving from print to online renders the future of this type of campaign completely useless as a marketing strategy. Magazines must go to the internet to remain successful, not the other way round.