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The Planet of Rationality

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by Ben Cohen

An email from an angry reader:

I am sick of your blithering, blathering types of so-called
"journalism". Why can't you at least blog about both sides of the
story? Why are Conservatives viewed as Neanderthals in your realm? Is
it beneath you to note that there are people who might actually not
want big government, racial quotas, universal health care, so-called
social justice, and having borders that are completely open?

I would absolutely love to blog about both sides of the story. The problem is, one side exists somewhere in the realm of reality, while the other on a planet so far removed from sanity they barely deserve mentioning.

Once the Republican Party denounces the Presidency of George Bush, rejects the hateful rhetoric from homophobic racists like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, and stops people like Sarah Palin speaking for the party, it might be possible to take them seriously. Before then, the GOP is a little more than a fringe party for flat earthers and creationists - not a real political party worthy of writing about.