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Want to Live Forever?

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by Ben Cohen

According to the NY Times, we might just be able to:

A single drug that protected against some or all the degenerative
diseases of aging would enable people to enjoy more healthy years, a
great benefit in itself, even if it did not extend life span.The
leading candidates for such a role are drugs called sirtuin activators,
which may well be mimicking caloric restriction, in whole or in part.
The chief such drug is resveratrol, a minor ingredient of grapes and red wine. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals,
of Cambridge, Mass., is now conducting clinical trials of resveratrol,
in a special formulation, and of small-molecule drugs that also
activate sirtuin but can be given in much lower doses. The resveratrol
formulation and one of the small chemicals have passed safety tests and
are now being tested against diabetes and other diseases.