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Michelle Bernard's Pathological Hatred of Unions

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by Ben Cohen

Via Media Matters:

The lovely Michelle Bernard offered her thoughtful analysis on why unions are the scum of the earth:

"Labor unions are what holds America back and keeps us from being as good as we can be "

Americans have been subjected decades of anti union hate speech from
the corporate media, so much so that unless you are part of one, you
probably hate them.

The general consensus, particularly amongst well paid, upper middle class professionals is that unions are dirty, communist type organizations run by greedy,
corrupt, parasites that want more money for doing less work. When U.S
car companies collapsed, it wasn't corporate management that was to
blame, rather the outrageous unions that demanded a living wage and
healthcare coverage. Despite years of failure from management to change their business
model, make cars more efficient or more appealing, if those pesky workers
hadn't asked for a salary they could support their family on, and insisted their jobs weren't shipped
off to Mexico, Chevy and GM would be just fine.

The truth is, unions are effective at making sure wealth isn't distributed entirely upwards in corporate organizations, and are detested by management as they represent a cost that effects their bottom line. Unions protect working people from exploitation, ensure they are paid fairly and receive proper healthcare. Some may be corrupt, but they play an essential role in balancing the huge gap in inequality. People like Bernard enjoy the same privileges due to their education and social status without the hassle of joining one, and should maintain a level of respect for what they provide for people less off than themselves. It is monstrously offensive when they disparage blue collar workers so blithely, forgetting how important they are in making the economy tick.