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Has the Left Blown it?

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by Ben Cohen

With an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the utter failure of neo liberal economics, the Left has been strangely inactive, and largely ineffective in instituting serious change.

The Banking system blew a multi trillion dollar hole in the economy, and have been rewarded with tax payers money, bonuses, and an increased role in fiscal policy.

Americans probably won't get a public insurance plan for their healthcare, and the conservative party will most likely win the next election in Britain.

What on earth is going on? Andy Beckett has a fascinating report in the Guardian that suggests the Left essentially gave up too much ground on economic theory, and hasn't really formulated anything new to combat the onslaught of global capitalism.

The Left is great at complaining (this site included), but a strong, well articulated vision of a new economic order is needed to combat the ruthless system that places private profit above everything else. My particular thoughts are that it cannot be described in traditional Leftist rhetoric, but in a new language of progressive participatory economics that places less emphasis on government, and more on people.

Until then, we'll continue to be sold out by centrist liberals more concerned with getting elected that serving the needs of the people.