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The Public Option IS the Crucial Element

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by Ben Cohen

Here we go again. The White House is trying to ready the public for the possibility that we may not get a public health care option. Katherine Sebeilius and Obama have been saying that the public option isn't the most crucial element of healthcare reform, but reform of the private industry is.

This is a game that has been played for far too long by far too many members of the Obama Administration, and it isn't fair to the people who got him elected.

Bob Cesca describes it perfectly:

If there's no public option and, instead, a non-profit co-op
situation, then the regulations, the co-op and the reforms contained in
the bill would have to collectively achieve everything the public option would've forced upon the health insurance marketplace.
To that point, there's one thing no amount of regulation can solve
without a public option, and that is allowing us to have health
insurance without subsidizing the criminal private insurers. In other
words, one major plus with the public option is that I wouldn't be
giving money to an industrial sector that I consider to be a criminal

If Co Ops are the best we are going to get, Obama needs to be prepared for a MASSIVE backlash from progressives. The public option really is the only way to move America into the 21st century along with the rest of the industrialized nations, and anything else is simply a giveaway to the insurance companies that have stolen trillions of dollars from the public.

If Obama acquiesces on this, he will have lost to the Healthers, the Ann Coulters and Glenn Becks of America. And his call for Hope and Change will no longer mean anything.