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Obama Tax Cuts Benefit 98.6% of Working Americans

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by Ben Cohen

Most of the people you see protesting Obama's 'socialist' agenda are lower middle class white people making under $50,000 per year. They are also almost certainly benefiting from a substantial tax cut.

Nate Silver of the brilliant has done some serious homework and calculated that almost the entire working population has benefited from Obama's tax cuts. He writes:

Adding everything up, I come up with about 98.6 percent of working tax filers.

Here's the chart he came up with, and as far as I can tell, it looks feasible (Silver's sources are usually impeccable):

I have Republican friends who absolutely outraged at Obama's fiscal policy, but then quietly acknowledge they are personally benefiting from it. It goes to show, political labels don't really mean much. Republicans hate Obama because he is a Democrat, not because he's following a socialist agenda. Because he quite clearly isn't.