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Meghan McCain Slams Michelle Malkin

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by Ben Cohen

Meghan McCain has the following to say to hate monger Michelle Malkin:

Barack Obama won the last election on the slogan “Yes We Can,” and
there is no reason why Republicans can’t go forth and win elections
with equally positive messages. We will not get anywhere by continuing
to sell hate and fear. Of course, there is always going to be a
fraction of the GOP that is going to respond to that, but at some point
we have to start facing the reality that hate and fear will only get us
so far. Those emotions are not sources for inspiration of joining
anything, let alone supporting a political party.

The problem is, if conservatives wants to be relevant in the near future, people like Meghan McCain will eventually have to leave the GOP, join the Democrats, or start a new party. The power people like Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh wield is too great, and moderates like herself will be drowned out. Being nasty gets enough votes to keep the Republican Party relevant, but nowhere near enough to take power. It will take years before the party sorts itself out and consigns the names above to the rubbish heap of history, and sane people like McCain may not have the patience to ride it out.