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Fear of Healthcare or Fear of Black People? Introducing the 'Healthers'

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by Ben Cohen

Bob Cesca makes a great point:

Last night when I saw this lady shreiking on Countdown about how she's "scared" and wants "her America back," my first reaction was, She's screaming about the "browning" of America. Not healthcare.

There's just no way this total emotional meltdown had to do with affordable, portable and reliable health insurance.

The truth is, the histrionics are simply WAY out of proportion to what the Obama Administration is proposing. If a single payer system really was on the table, then a degree of concern could be warranted (although I am not of that opinion). In reality, Obama is proposing an extension of a public insurance plan, which has nothing to do with 'Nationalized Healthcare'. It would be like the government offering a new brand of Cola. They're not taking over the Cola market, just offering a new product that may or may not be better the Coca Cola/Pepsi. It would be up to the consumer to decide.

I think we should come up with a new term for the Healthcare nuts - the 'Healthers' in homage to the 'Birthers'. They are equally as crazy, equally wrong, and at the end of the day, equally racist.