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Glenn Beck Compares Socialized Medicine to Nazi Eugenics

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by Ben Cohen

Via Cesca:

I've been scratching my head trying to understand how on earth this dimwitted idiot manages to come up with such nonsensical drivel on a daily basis. Comparing a small government run insurance scheme to Nazi Eugenics is Beck's latest attempt to scare people crumbling under the weight of private health insurance into opposing the Obama reform plan. And it follows a long list of brazen lies, histrionics and blubbering on live TV that have shot Beck to stardom on the Fox Network.

The sobbing Right Wing Shock Jock is the worst type of dishonest corporate hack because he clearly knows how full of shit he is. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity at least partially believe in what they are saying, but Beck's vicious lies and manipulative posing are so absurd, even he cannot believe the horseshit that comes out of his mouth. Beck could have used his showmanship in other realms like game show hosting or TV sales. Contributing to mindless consumption would have been the moral option for Beck, who instead used his talents to promote an abhorrent world view that even he probably finds disgusting in moments of lucidity. But Beck is a greedy little man with his fat little fingers plunged so far into the Right Wing propaganda system he simply cannot stop. After all, the man makes a reported $18 million a year, so why should he care?