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Bill O'Reilly is Right

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by Ben Cohen

Unfortunately, Bill O'Reilly is spot on in his analysis of corporate corruption in regards to GE and the Obama administration. Indirectly firing back at Keith Olbermann for his attack on O'Reilly on Monday, O'Reilly outlined the clearly shady links between the government and GE that have resulted in some iffy contracts and easy bailout money.

O'Reilly isn't wrong on the issue, but the problem is, where on earth was O'Reilly when the Bush Administration was handing out no bid contracts to Haliburton in Iraq? Where was O'Reilly, now apparently a crusader for the little guy, when the Bush Administration doled out trillions of unaccounted dollars to financial institutions behind the public's back?

It is all well and good for O'Reilly to feign outrage at corporate corruption, but no one will ever take him seriously when he failed to utter a word as the Bush Administration turned the country into plutocratic enterprise for all his oil buddies.

GE is a corporate conglomerate with some serious structural and ethical problems. It is far too big and far too close to the government, and it deserves some serious scrutiny. Unfortunately, Bill O'Reilly and the eternally full of shit Dick Morris are not the people to do it. As employees of Rupert Murdoch, perhaps the epitome of everything that is wrong with corporate capitalism, they don't have a leg to stand on.