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Krugman: 'A Fact Isn’t Worth Reporting Unless Someone is Prepared to Deny it'

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by Ben Cohen

It is a sad state of affairs when a guest's segment on a mainstream news show is canceled because the network cannot find anyone with an opposing view.

Paul Krugman was slated to appear on an unnamed show, but was informed he wouldn't be needed when the show was unable to find a nemesis commentator. Ultimately, it goes to show that the news media isn't interested in reporting facts, rather it is interested in creating conflict and generating ratings.

Writes Krugman:

Long ago I said that
if liberals said the Earth was round, while conservatives said it was
flat, the news headlines would read “Shape of the planet: both sides
have a point.” But I encountered a new wrinkle today.

And that wrinkle is the major problem with Television News. When guests like Michele Malkin are brought on to main stream shows to provide an opposing view, the producers aren't interested in getting at the truth. They are interested in sparking people's attention by giving a raving lunatic a platform. When Ann Coulter is asked for her opinion by a main stream journalist, they don't really care what she has to say - the answer will always be mind numbingly ignorant and offensive. But Coulter sells, and the MSM loves to hate her.

And most tragically, when esteemed economists like Paul Krugman are invited to analyze current events, producer aren't really concerned with what he has to say. As long as he can create some conflict by arguing with the latest Wall St apologist, he'll be welcome. But when there's no one for him to lock horns with, Krugman's opinion is as relevant as Ann Coulter's.