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Journalism Michelle Malkin Style

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by Ben Cohen

Michelle Malkin has a venomous presence in the American news media. Her vicious attack style journalism is much adored by her audience, but it is symptomatic of a crumbling profession, devoid of ethical standards or quality control.

Malkin is so absurd, she would be laughed off the air in most countries. In fact, she'd never make it anywhere near a television station, and would probably find herself locked up for psychiatric evaluation. But in America, she delivers numbers, so no one cares. Malkin's extreme prejudice and ignorance on virtually every topic she speaks on is seen by the Fox News Network as a gift to be rewarded. Check out this classic video of Malkin 'debating' with Hussein Ibish, the executive director for the Arab American Leadership. Ibish is a thoughtful, highly articulate man, trying to have a reasonable discussion about foot baths installed by the Kansas City airport to cater for Muslim passengers. Somehow, Malkin manages to link the installation of the foot baths to Holocaust denial, appeasement of terrorism, and anti Christmas liberalism. Thankfully, Ibish points out the fact that Malkin is in fact insane:

Sadly, last week, Malkin made an appearance on 'This Week' - a supposedly serious news show. Note to ABC News: If you have Michelle Malkin on your network, you are not serious anymore.