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Palin Needs to Grow Up

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The Famous Wink by Tom Turnbull.

by Ben Cohen

The Media comes up with all sorts of nonsense. In the age of the internet, Chinese whispers takes on a new meaning, with rumors being cut and pasted across millions of sites. Celebrities are reported dead before they are, unsubstantiated gossip makes headline news, and politicians apparently divorce regardless of the facts.

While regular people would understandably be irritated by the incessant gossip mongering, celebrities and politicians really don't have have a leg to stand on when they become a victim of it. It is part of being in the limelight, and if you choose to parade yourself on nation TV, you must deal with it.

Barack Obama has dealt with rumors ranging from him being a Muslim terrorist to a Communist insurgent. And other than elegantly dismissing the rumors, Obama has barely uttered a word about them. And he has never blamed 'The Media' for spreading them.

The strategy has been ultimately successful for Obama, and his personal popularity remains high regardless of his political popularity.

Sarah Palin, however, has employed another tactic. Every time the media churns up a spurious rumor, Palin whines loudly and slaps back at every given opportunity. The strategy has ultimately led to her leaving office in Alaska and made her a laughing stock.

The latest rumors revolve around Palin's supposed divorce from her husband. There may or may not be some truth to the rumors - the Palins deny them, and it's only fair to take them at their word. However, it doesn't really matter, and the rumors are just those. Rumors.

The Palin family has insisted on going tit for tat with Katie Couric, David Letterman, Levi Johnston, The Huffington Post, and every liberal blog on the internet. Every time the Palins decry their treatment, retaliate for a perceived infraction, or moan about 'The Media', they look petty and stupid.

Sarah Palin is a former beauty queen, tv presenter and politician. She's a narcissist with aspirations way above her station, and her thirst for attention trumps everything, including the safety of the nation. Her bickering with the media proves one thing, that her political motivations are purely personal. She has no interest in serving the interests of the country, and gets bogged down when her fragile ego gets damaged. If she was genuinely interested in being a good Governor/President, internet rumors would be the last thing Palin would respond to. She would be interested in the big picture rather than the trivial, and pay no attention to the gossip industry. If Palin wants to be taken seriously, she needs to grow up.

The problem is after two years in the limelight, it's obvious she can't. And for those reasons should never be allowed near public office.