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Time To Go Kevorkian On "Bipartisan" Senate Health Care Talks

Rep. Chris Van Hollen:

'What concerns me about what's happened in the Senate Finance Committee is that they've had a whole lot of time to work these things out, and just don't seem to be able to break the impasse,' Van Hollen said in an interview on the liberal Bill Press Radio Show. 'It doesn't seem to be as much about a disagreement over policy issues, and it seems more to be just the lack of the political will on behalf of some to get it done.'

Van Hollen blamed the committee's slow work on Republicans, who he asserted were unwilling to make the needed 'tough decisions' to craft a healthcare bill.

'At some point that's going to have to happen, and the question is when do you reach that breaking point,' the Maryland Democrat said when asked if Senate Democrats should end negotiations. 'At some point they're going to have to pull the plug on that process, and when they do that is something they're in a better position to know.'

Why Harry Reid keeps getting himself led around by the nose by the GOP and obstructionist conservative Dems, I'll never know. It's like Reid wants to fail at this.