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The Evil Eye, And Other Right Wing Stupidity

Dear Wingnuts,

How it should work is this: You present ideas, and we present ideas, and the American people decide - as they have in the past - which bunch of ideas they want to go with. Sometimes they pick your ideas, sometimes they pick ours. While I clearly think ours are better, we don't have all the answers. We've prospered over the last 200+ years on that exchange of ideas. But on occasion (1964, 2008) you guys lose so badly that you go nutso. When we get beaten we tend to beat up on ourselves, wondering why America doesn't like us. When you guys lose we get stories about hidden communism in flouridated water or serious sounding analysis about the President giving people the evil eye.

That is the hallmark of crazy, and while it helps my side of the fight in the short term, in the long term its just not a good thing to have one party be the ruling party of sanity while the other is presenting the evil eye as a serious policy position.