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Stimulus @ Work In Indiana

OMG teh socialism.

More than 2,400 people are now at work on federal stimulus-funded roadway projects in Indiana, according to a state report being released today.

Covering 83 projects and listing a total payroll of $2.8 million, the Indiana Department of Transportation report details only a small fraction of the hundreds of projects so far selected for funding using the $440 million the agency received under the American Relief and Recovery Act.

Economists say it's too early to tell whether the long-term value of President Barack Obama's economy-boosting effort will justify its $787 billion cost. But construction executives say stimulus-funded projects certainly have created jobs and spared layoffs within the industry.

'Things were slowing down, and the stimulus filled in the gap,' said Tim Mahoney, an economics professor at the University of Southern Indiana.

'It has kept people employed that would be laid off.'

This is happening all around the country.