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Robert Broadus Is Whats Wrong With America

Robert Broadus & Joe The Plumber

On Neal Cavuto's show today he had this man, Robert Broadus on as a guest. The setup for Broadus' appearance was healthcare, specifically a question he had asked in a recent meeting with Sen. Ben Cardin.

"I decided not to get the health insurance. That's working out for me because I'm able to save that extra money and give it to my family members and use it on myself. Senator Cardin, I want to know are you going to tell me an individual...that I have to buy health care or else you're going to fine me $2,500 every year I don't get it? Our founding fathers assured us we have a Bill of Rights and I want to see you uphold that," Broadus said in an increasingly emotional voice and to scattered applause.

Cardin responded by asking Broadus what would happen if he became sick, broke a bone, had a car accident and ended up in an emergency room.

"You don't pay. You are part of the population that shifts its costs over to a person who does pay, and they're paying for you," Cardin said.

Now, Sen. Cardin easily answered this idiot question, but the thing is when Cavuto brough him on he neglected to mention that Robert Broadus is a former Republican candidate for congress in Maryland's 4th district (where I live) - Fox News identified him just as a taxpayer (as did WUSA-9). Broadus didn't just lose the election, but came in third in the GOP primary (the eventual winner got crushed by Donna Edwards in November).

This loon has gone on to be a Tea Party enthusiast, and is now "running" as some sort of Ron Paul libertarian type. In other words, a Class A nimrod. On his endorsement page, he touts a quote from Joe Banister, a former IRS agent turned tax evader whose license as a CPA was revoked.

This is the kind of person Fox and Neal Cavuto brings on to represent "the regular citizen" in opposition to health care reform. A conservative fringer, serial candidate nutjob with some wacky views about the government and its place in our society.

Robert Broadus (and Fox News) is what is wrong with America.

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