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Fox News '63: Racist Communists Invade Nation's Capital
August 28, 1963

WASHINGTON -- The tranquility of our nation's capital was disturbed today as some 250,000 plus negroes invaded and occupied the Lincoln Memorial. Led by domestic terrorist Martin Luther King (recently profiled in Fox News' "King Coming For Your Daughters" special) the assembled thugs demanded an end to the traditional values of segregation and racism that have kept America strong. Many of those in attendance seemed to have an almost cult-like devotion to King, singing the threatening spiritual "We Shall Overcome", the defacto anthem of this violent splinter group.

While much of the mainstream media devoted airtime to King's effort to destabilize the U.S. government, fair and balanced Fox asked Remington Letorneau, Vice President Southeast of the United Ku Klux Klan for a statement. "King is just like what Bill O'Reilly said about him. An ornery nigra bent on world domination. And the media pretends like he's asking for... 'equality'". Letorneau also made a point to tell our reporter that he and the other members of his local Klan Lodge only watch Fox News, in order to be told how to think.