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And Some Times Powerline Should Shut Up

Powerline adds their stupid right-wing opinion to the growing mass of wrong-headed right-wing opinion piled up around the Henry Gates arrest:

This suggests to me that, as far as African-Americans are concerned, 'race politics' will continue unabated, as if Obama had never been elected president.

This suggests to me that right-wingers insist on pretending as if racism is solved. As if the election of President Obama is just the latest marker they can point to (previous faves were Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell) in order to minimize and delegitimize every other incident of racism.

We're a long ways from Selma, but that doesn't mean racists and racism doesn't still influence our lives in America. And when it does flare up we have to snuff it out immediately and without equivocation. In the process of doing that, it would help a lot to have the aid of conservatives and the conservative movement rather than the casual acceptance of bigotry that is the default position of so much of the right. Try it. It isn't hard.