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Conservatives In A Nutshell

Will Smith Can't Save Us From The Right

Ezra Klein

In my chat today, a reader asked me to respond to Megan McArdle's lengthy case against national health insurance. The problem is that, well, there's not a lot to specifically respond to. In 1,600 words, she doesn't muster a single link to a study or argument, nor a single number that she didn't make up (what numbers do exist come in the form of thought experiments and assumptions). Megan's argument against national health insurance boils down to a visceral hatred of the government.

If you've ever taken the time to watch congressional activity on C-SPAN, particularly in the House, you see this a lot. There are people, Democrats, talking about important things of serious significance. I don't even necessarily agree with these people all the time, but there's no disputing the fact that they're talking about an issue, and then a conservative Republican will get his or her turn at the microphone and begin a conversation about how Barack Obama has enlisted a legion of robots to drain us of our blood. They say these things, and then thanks to the rules of decorum in congress the other side can't bust out laughing or scream "what the fuck". They just have to go back to what they were discussing. On earth.