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A Reminder: The Taliban Were not Responsible for 9/11

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by Ben Cohen

Surprise, surprise, the 9/11 Truth Movement won't leave me alone after comparing them to the Birthers. I'm continuing to receive emails, and my article on the Huffington Post continues to attract idiotic comments about the much heralded 'Building 7'.

Reading through the comments, I did find one with a legitimate question in regards to the U.S motives for going to war in Afghanistan (which I had ascribed to oil). Here it is:

Most of what you wrote makes sense to me except for the part at the end
where you state your belief that our two wars were "for oil". I can see
how this argument can be made in the case of Iraq (though I don't
actually agree) but I'm unclear how this argument can be made in the
case of Afghanistan. Don't you think responding to the WTC attacks was
the primary motivation in going after the Taliban? And Afghanistan's
oil production is not significant. Please explain your reasoning.

I felt compelled to respond to this question because the reader, along with many other Americans, still believe the Taliban attacked the United States. They didn't, and it ranks up there with the Saddam - 9/11 connection that much of the country swallowed before going to war with Iraq.

While I'm no fan of the Taliban, and I abhor their brutal, misogynistic beliefs, they had nothing to do with the
attacks on 9/11. In fact, they even condemned them. The reasons for the U.S invasion (as far as I can tell) are as follows:

While Afghanistan doesn't have the oil reserves of say, Iraq or Iran,
new resources have been discovered in the Helmand and Katawaz
provinces. The region is also rich in natural gases. The main interest
in Afghanistan is strategic - firstly, the proposed oil pipeline that
would run from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan towards India is of
great interest to the world's empires. Secondly, Afghanistan lies
between several rising powers - Iran, Pakistan and China. Whoever
controls the region wields huge leverage over the other powers. It's a
game of monopoly, and the U.S is competing for influence and control,
not fighting to avenge 9/11 or for the freedom of the Afghanis.