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9/11 Truth Movement in a Nut Shell

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by Ben Cohen

My article on the Huff Post is now being strictly moderated (not by me, but by my editors) because the 9/11 Truth Movement nut jobs insist on flooding it with links to their idiotic sites and rants on 'Building 7'.

I've sifted through the allowed comments and felt that Matt Osborne (a much valued member of the Banter Media Group, and author of the brilliant Osborne Ink) summed the Truthers up in style. He writes the following:

It's Occam's Razor. Either you believe that planes flew into buildings,
creating massive explosions and fires that weakened the structures
until they collapsed, OR:

You believe that a sinister conspiracy set out YEARS BEFORE to make
this happen; that explosives were smuggled into the building during
retrofit and hidden in the walls; that holograms of airplanes were used
to convince a million New Yorkers they saw planes flying into
buildings; that the Pentagon ordered itself targeted with a cruise
missile; and that all this conspiracy, which necessarily MUST have
included thousands of people to happen, remains protected by the
silence of those thousands.; and that all of this was part of a
long-term plan to install the global dictatorship of Nicholae Carpathia.

I'm sorry, that's just not a logical choice.

Unfortunately, logic doesn't have much to do with it.