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Not Acceptable Behavior For America

I've seen this sentiment in several places and its pretty troubling to me.

Dave Winer:

When a cop gives you an order, you do what he says.

Jay Caruso:

In dealing with law enforcement, I remember being told one thing in particular about it when I was younger is and that was: “Don’t mouth off to the cops.”

Wow, really people? Come on. I'm going to violate Godwin here, but this isn't a fascist state we live in. I love cops, I think they're great and 99.999999% of the time I side with them (there's a reason I tend to idolize Superman and not characters like Batman or the X-Men). But a police officer is worthy of respect but he isn't your boss.

They aren't in a different class of society where they tell us the citizens what to do when we aren't violating the laws. The idea that we just say "yes sir" to a cop no matter what is antithetical to the very idea of America. I'm not pretending as if things aren't different in a real life situation, but the goal here should be to change the behavior on behalf of the police officers, not bend ourselves to their will.