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9/11 Truthers Coming After Me

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by Ben Cohen

Within about 25 minutes of my last article 'Why the Birthers Matter' being published on the Huffington Post, I began to receive irate emails from people associated with the 9/11 truth movement. I had apparently deeply offended them by comparing them to the idiotic Birthers, and they were none too pleased. Here's the offending paragraph:

The 9/11 truth movement was enormously helpful to the Bush
Administration as it provided a giant distraction from the colossal
crimes they committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. If their energies had
been directed in a positive way, there's a good chance Bush would have
been impeached and Dick Cheney thrown in jail. Alas, the 9/11 truth
movement dedicated its time to proving the U.S government tried to kill
thousands of its own people in exchange for gold/political power.
The Birther movement can be compared to the 9/11 truth movement, perhaps not in scale, but certainly in its potency.

Here are some choice emails I received from 9/11 'Truth Seekers':


Your article is a conspiracy laden rant.

What percentage of Americans do you think are aware of WTC #7?

you call the people who said the Anthrax came from a U.S. military lab
a conspiracy theorist before that was proven to be the case?

Was it absurd to think that Iraq had WMD's as Bush and the boys said??

You need to learn a little bit about investigative reporting before you spout off on who has points and who should be shunned.

Shame on you.

And grow up.


And another (and my favorite so far):

Dear Sir: Are you really uniformed about the
facts or part of a criminal element? Really the official 911 story is so
pathetic. What happened to WTC buiding 7? Do you even know about
it? Have you done any homework? Richard Gage, Steven Jones, what
exactly do you know? It would be great if you were just uniformed but more
likely you know the truth and are part of the cover-up. Anyone with any
intelligence and or an open mind who looks into 911 will see that our Government
is LYING. Sad but true! If you have more than hot air,
then put your cards on the table. Guess what you don't have any facts,
cause there aren't any. Maybe you would like to call people like Dr. Col.
Robert Bowman upatriotic or a fool for not believing the official LIE. Or
maybe you believe in some higher purpose for lying, pesonally I don't really
care. You are either a fool for talking about something you know nothing
about or are a traitor to the human race.


I'll write a detailed response to all the 9/11 'Truth Seekers' next week, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the floods of emails I'm continuing to receive.