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Signs Of Life For Florida Dems?

One of the surprises (to me, at least) was the performance of Obama in Florida this past November. Based on the results of 2000 and 2004, in addition to poor performance in the gubernatorial races there, I figured Florida was moving to at least be a moderate GOP state. Now comes more evidence that the red hue for the sunshine state may have been a blip.

For the first time since the GOP won control of Florida's government in the mid 1990s, the Democratic Party and its leading candidate for governor together raised more money than their Republican counterparts at the start of a gubernatorial election season.

Alex Sink, the state's Democratic Chief Financial Officer, raised almost $1.3 million to Attorney General Bill McCollum's $1.04 million, since April 1. The Democratic Party raised nearly $2 million, while the Republican Party of Florida raised almost $1.2 million.

It'll be even better if somehow Marc Rubio knocks off Charlie Crist in the senate primary for the GOP because while Rubio plays well with the base, Crist is the sort of increasingly rare moderateish Republican that can actually win an election outside of the traditional south (and make no mistake, especially in Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward counties, Florida is not the traditional south).