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What We Really See: GOP Senators Question Sotomayor

Well howdeee there Missus Sota-mah-yaor!

Good morning, Senator.

Now, I'm a-looking here at your papers and such and I see where you sez, that you're a wise latin-a.

Well actually Senator, that pull quote misrepresents the full context of what I was saying...

Well I gotta say ma'am, I'm mighty unnerved. Powerful unnerved by the sen-ti-ments you got here on this paper.

Yeah, you tell her boss!

Quiet down, Sen. Graham.


Now, you think, ma'am, with you being a... what is it y'all call yourselves nowadays... a "latina" woman, you can judge white people, such as myself, fairly?

Yeah, who's gonna stand up for a white fella?

Senator, I pride myself on fidelity to the law.

I don't know. I. Just. Don't. Know. We'll retire for the afternoon to our porches and do some powerful thinking over a nice mint julep. Good day, ma'am.

(thinking to herself)
I am too old for this mess.