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Slow Your Roll NFL Pundits

MSNBC has a list of top 5 NFL MVP candidates. Here's a crazy idea: Could you at least allow training camp to get going before you anoint someone an MVP candidate? As a long suffering fan of a team that is something like the '72 Dolphins of the offseason, I can tell you first hand that what you see in July rarely resembles what will matter in January (Cardinals in the Superbowl? I'm still trying to figure out how that happened).

chris cooley redskins

Well, while I'm at it, how about I make a prediction for the Redskins this coming season?


12-4. Yeah, I said it. 12-4. Be aware that in the ten years or so I've been making NFL predictions for the 'Skins that I have never been correct, but like Dick Morris I still keep hauling out predictions anyway. The Washington Redskins will go 12-4 or better in the 2009 NFL season.