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Hack Watch and Stupid Hall of Fame: Fox and Friends' Brian Kilmeade

In the most embarrassing clip I've yet seen (out of at least 50,000 options) from the imbecilic and often incoherent FNC morning show Fox and Friends, co-genius Brian Kilmeade goes on a rant about racial purity...during a discussion about how staying socially active can help prevent dementia. It's not quite as cringe-worthy as Bruno, except that's what Sacha Baron Cohen was going for.

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So what the fuck was that? He is a total moron. Even Fox's crack investigative bimbo and co-hack Gretchen Carlson seemed to think he was a out of line. Plus the expert brought on to discuss was clearly thinking, beyond "wow this guy is totally out of his depth, which isn't very deep", that there was not even a reason to dignify such proudly ignorant and unserious person with a sincere and well thought out answer. I, on the other hand, have no such dignity so I will try.

I wonder what he was trying to say. Maybe that's a bit ridiculous since what he said made no sense, but I do wonder. The tiny gears in his brain were definitely moving...but to what end?
This might just be projection, since I can't imagine what type of thought process someone like that goes through to come up with such a pearl of idiocy, but it seems to me that Kilmeade must have been trying to assert that long marriages only help to reduce Alzheimer's when they are between people of the same, pure ethnicity. The three major problems with this statement are that:

1) There is not, and has never been, such a thing as 'pure' blood. All populations are migrants at some point, and there is some intermixing in every culture. Only Island cultures with long histories of isolation and very small genetic pools could even conceivably say they have pure blood.

2) There is no such thing as 'pure' American blood. Even if at some point there had been something like an isolated, native gene pool here it had been wiped out by centuries of colonization and migration (how the clearly Irish Brian Kilmeade's family got to this country), not to mention genocide.

3) It simply has no relevance. He just doesn't get it. The correlation is between companionship, happiness, and not getting Alzheimer's. Who you marry is irrelevant, as long as you're happy.

But of course, Kilmeade and his fellow wingnuts don't seem to get that with gay marriage either. Thats why he gets both awards: he's a complete moron who basically doesn't understand what he's saying, but he still manages to pander quite effectively to the wingnut establishment. Congrats on the twofer Brian!