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Rove Slams Obama for 'Scripted Events'

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By Ben Cohen

The man responsible for creating, packaging, and literally controlling every appearance of the least talented President in the history of the United States is criticizing the current President for having 'scripted' events. Yes, that's right. Karl Rove has gone that far (via Matt Osborne):

While there is a legitimate point to be made about the format of Town Hall type events and the right of the press to ask unscripted questions, Karl Rove has about as much right to talk on the subject as Mark Sanford does on the sanctity of marriage. Osborne also concludes that the entire debacle isn't really about the President trying to control the media, but more the old media resisting the new media and failing to understand how it works:

In other words, the White House is using new technology to circumvent
the traditional media for its public communication, and traditional
media doesn't like it. This seems to be happening a lot lately;
it doesn't matter if Nico Pitney asks a hardball question, or the White
House staff takes a question from a Republican Congressman.

What matters is the press corps' exclusive right to be the filter.

Blogger Digby
coined the term "village" to refer to an incestuous Beltway society
that regards its thinking as conventional and its prerogatives as
constitutional. These nontroversies over Obama's "control" and
"planting" of questions are a product of the village.

Rove was used to having an obedient media for the first 5 years of the Bush Presidency, and them simply ignored the institutions who weren't afterward. The power of the new media clearly scares Rove because he doesn't really understand it, and is painfully aware of its power. It can't be ignored, and it can't be dismissed, so Rove continues to do what he does best and changes the subject.