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Eminems Touching Tribute to Detroit

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By Ben Cohen

Whatever one might think of Eminem, there's no denying the Detroit rapper is phenomenally talented. His latest song 'Beautiful' is essentially a poem about himself and the city he grew up in, and draws parallels between the devastation that took place in his life and Detroit's. It's a sad song, but conversely a hopeful one looking ahead to brighter days and a regeneration the soul. Definitely some of his best work.

Already deeply troubled by free trade agreements like NAFTA that shipped manufacturing jobs abroad, Detroit has been essentially destroyed by the economic meltdown. The average house price in the city is now $7,500 - enough for about 6 months rent for a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. It's difficult to see away out of the massive slump unless the government embarks on a massive investment scheme to replace the dying automobile industry. So far, we've not heard about any serious plans for the city. And while haunting videos like the one above may bring attention to the cause, it will take a lot more to get Detroit back on its feet.