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Huffington Post Traffic

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By Ben Cohen

Simon Owens measures how much traffic a front page article on the Huffington Post can drive to your site - and it's quite a lot. Last year, I wrote a couple of articles (here too) listing the top ten Republicans and Democrats who should go away, and my blog saw a massive increase in traffic over several weeks. I split the article into two, with the first 5 in the list on the Huff Post, and the last on The Daily Banter. It was a good strategy in driving traffic to my site, and I've yet to repeat its success (the two articles drove around 200,000 visitors to the Banter in just a couple of days, then even more when it hit the front page of Yahoo).

Predicting, sustaining, and growing substantial traffic is no easy task. The overwhelming majority of blogs simply die, and only a few are seriously profitable. A mixture of luck, timing, a lot of hard work, and patience leads to successful blogging, and even then, it's not guaranteed. If you can get some of the major blogs to link to you, the traffic will come - but you need interesting content, and it isn't easy to produce day after day. The Daily Banter has seen its ups and downs, some months the traffic can spike to match some of the bigger blogs (particularly during the elections when we were routinely getting 10,000 or so impressions per day), and others only in the hundreds.

We're still here, no matter the traffic, and hope to be for the long haul!