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Palin 'Out for Good'

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By Ben Cohen

Andrea Mitchell is reporting that Sarah Palin is out of politics 'for good':

Palin has been completely out of her depth in the national political scene, and her tenure as Governor of Alaska has been mired with ethics scandals.There are rumors flying around the blogosphere that Palin knew there was more to come, and decided to get out just in time. Whatever the reason, she won't be missed.

While I hate to comment on Vice Presidential candidate - I'll say this.One of the reasons people found Sarah Palin so offensive, is that she wielded her ignorance like a weapon, and seemed proud of the fact that she didn't know anything. She was completely unprepared and inappropriate for the Oval office, yet he confidence seemed to soar the more apparent it became. She had never travelled abroad, didn't understand what the 'Bush Doctrine' was, and clearly hadn't read any serious newspapers or journals.

She adopted the false populist mantra that 'Americans don't trust government', and hurled outrageous accusations at Barack Obama ('Palling around with terrorists'). Palin's understanding of economic issues was about as indepth as Pat Robertson's understanding of evolution, and managed only to repeat the talking points handed down to her by McCain staffers that 'Tax cuts will create economic growth'.

In essence, Palin was dumb, mean and proud. The country (and planet) suffered 8 years of the most inept, vicious group of politicians in American history, and the prospect of 4 more was too much to bear. Palin basically wrecked McCain's bid for the Presidency, and didn't bat an eyelid. We saw that type of unnerving confidence in the face of colossal fuck ups before, and the results weren't too pretty. So if Mitchell is right, and Palin is gone, we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

One down, and many more to go.