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Palin Quitting. Thank God.

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By Ben Cohen

Speculating as to why Sarah Palin is resigning her post as Governor of the state of Alaska is pointless. It's also deeply uninteresting. It's either because she can't stand the constant media pressure, or has a fangled plan to rescue the country from the extremist socialist Barack Obama in 2012. Either way, she's going, and it's good riddance. Palin has done her best to stupify politics and pull the country backwards in her borrowed time in the limelight, but essentially failed in her mission. While the Right reveres her as the savior of Republicanism, the country rejected her Bush like simplification of the issues, and voted for a man with the polar opposite personality traits. 

The Left and Right has used Palin for their own political gain, and she has lapped it up believing she really was a serious political player. A forewarning to any potential GOP super star: If William Kristol and Sean Hannity think you're great, you're probably not. And don't be under any illusion that people take you seriously.