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Right Discusses Need for Osama Attack

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By Ben Cohen

This is perhaps one of the scariest moments I've seen on Fox News (and there are a lot of them). Michael Scheuer and Glenn Beck discuss the need for another 9/11 type attack on America so that the U.S government actually takes national security seriously again:

As the economy falls apart, and several states move towards collapse, there are two directions in which the country can go. The first is a fairly substantial shift to the left. People will demand government intervention in things like health care, welfare, job creation etc. The second, is a spiral towards the lunatic Right, where fear and insecurity rule, and problems are solved with violence. Right now, America seems to be going in both directions. Fox News is having its best year ever, and fear mongers like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are raking in record numbers. Their apocalyptic vision of an America on the brink of Communism is comical to those with an education or a job. But to those without either, it is a call to arms. And their voices are getting louder while the countries problems are getting worse - a potent combination for radicalized politics far worse than we saw under the Bush years.

This as a problem the Obama administration MUST solve, and quickly. The Federal Government needs to be used to an even greater extent to create jobs, subsidize declining wages, and provide health care. The less insecurity people have in their everyday lives, the less likely they are to listen to crackpots like Michael Scheuer and Glenn Beck.