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Tim Graham Doesn't Get It

Media Research Center's Tim Graham thinks that - ho-ho! - he's got Huffington Post by the tail because in a story about Bill O'Reilly's serial use of sexy images to denounce sexy images, Huffington has a few stories with sexy images. Of course, the problem is, as far as I know the HuffPo has not made it one of its major goals the eradication or shunning of this material. In fact, based on what Arianna Huffington herself has said on these issues in the past they're okay with them. But what Fox News does, and particularly O'Reilly, is try to eat their cake and have it too.

Often O'Reilly will discuss how disgusting it is to "exploit" some "young women" to sell a product or whatever and in order to display his disgust they roll b-roll footage of scantily clad poledancers. It's hypocritical. That, of course, flies right over Tim Graham's head.