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The Stimulus

Jim Ewart of South Carolina is clearly more with it than South Carolina's throwback governor Mark Sandford.

Jim Ewart is a Vietnam War veteran who calls John McCain 'a great American' and gave the Arizona senator's presidential campaign $500.

Ewart, though, is glad Barack Obama won the election.

'It needed to be a Democrat,' Ewart said. 'I've got a ton of respect for McCain, but I knew that some money had to be spent to save our industry, and for that matter maybe to save the whole damn country.'

That's part of the reason the President has the approval he does. Besides the dead-ender 26%ers - mostly the same people who still think the Iraq War was a great idea and that Barack Obama is a muslim secret agent - Americans across the spectrum know that to get the economy going again we have to invest in it. And that doesn't mean the Paris Hilton class tax cuts that helped to get us into trouble in the first place.