Lois Lane Statue In Metropolis Illinois

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The villain is the economy. Despite being about $70,000 shy of the funding needed to cast a figure in the image of the fictional 'Daily Planet' reporter, this town of 6,000 residents says it's going forward with a ground breaking. Metropolis wants its Lois Lane statue.


Very little about Metropolis, Illinois, resembles the metroplex made famous in "Action Comics," except for the constant presence of Superman. His statue stands 15-feet tall outside the Massac County Courthouse and 50 yards away is the county justice center.

In 1972, DC Comics, the current owner of the character, declared the town the official home for Superman. Since then, it's residents have fashioned a monument, a museum, and an annual festival around the superhero.

"We've had groups from as far away as Japan and Australia," said Karla Ogle, one of the festival organizers. "There's a family that comes every year from Canada."

That is where President Obama posed with Superman, I believe from when he was campaigning for the senate in Illinois.