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Another Filing From The Dept. Of Stupid Complaints

I'm putting aside the merits of universal care for a moment to note Hot Air blogger Ed Morrisey's first complaint about a draft of the Obama administration's health care proposal:

And it’s so large that Patients United Now had to split it into nine different parts, and to put out a bleg for an Army of Patients to scour the bill.

What is this conservative obsession with size? The size of bills and regulation, that is. I know in conservative dream world all laws are a post-it note that says "tax cuts" but here in the real world we're trying to run a country with 300 million people, 50 states, and thousands of cities, towns, and municipalities. As such, the kind of laws that apply to a nation of such size and import are going to run a little long in order to be effective.

This, quite frankly, is the conservative equivalent of moving from storybooks to novels. Sorry, cons, the books don't have pictures any more. Deal with it. It's called growing up. Santa Claus is not real.