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Gov. Sanford reax

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A reader writes:

GovernorSanford invoked the imagery of David and Bathesheba today in explaining why he should not resign, after all, David remained King. What Governor Sanford failed to remind folk of was the priceDavid had to pay for his transgressions (not just for his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, but his betrayal of her husband on the battle field). The price God extracted was the lifeof Bathsheba's unborn child. And Governor Sanford thought God was pro-life. Think Govenor Sanford would think it OK for God to settle the issue by taking his first born son's life?Just makes me angry to see that sort of twisted justification. You are right, having an affair often reflects human frailty. It also sometimes reflects the passion of being a live, and caring, human being. Seems somewhere here someone ought to be remembering Eisenhower's long term affair with Kate Sommersby as well.