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Blog Queen Perez Hilton Gets a Beat Down

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Canada Perez Hilton Punched by sororityintern.

By Ben Cohen

Far too funny not to link to. From Chez Pazienza:

I almost wasn't going to post anything about this, seeing as how any
publicity from any direction will only perpetuate the inexplicable
"nanoriety" of that idiot Perez Hilton. But man, if I don't point and
laugh hysterically at this, I'll seriously be neglecting my obligation
to make fun of those who truly deserve it.

By now I'm sure
you've all heard that Perez -- née Mario Lavandeira, self-proclaimed
"Queen of Something-or-other" and sycophantic fame sponge -- got his
ass kicked by a manager for the Black Eyed Peas at this weekend's Much
Music Awards in Toronto after calling a "faggot." You may
even know that rather than dialing, say, 911, he called for help via
Twitter (insert head-shake here) and has since posted a tearful, hissy-fittish response to the attack on YouTube, one that rivals Chris Crocker's infamous "Leave Britney Alone" video for sheer self-serving hilarity.....

I'll only say this: It's a shame the Peas' manager wasn't carrying a baseball bat.

The idiot actually lives in my neighborhood, and I've seen him doing interviews on numerous occasions. Once, a car drove past in mid interview, and a guy yelled out 'You fucking suck Perez!!!'. Spot on.