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Bizarre Reader Comments

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By Ben Cohen

I get a ton of emails every week responding to the various articles I post, some of which are interesting, some of which are idiotic, and some just downright bizarre. Occasionally, I post emails if they are well reasoned and civil, and I largely ignore the seething rantings of aberrant internet loud mouths.

Anyhow, I received an email in response to an article I posted last week on the Huffington Post about Pat Buchanan that I feel is worth airing (but not for its content). The basic argument of my article was that MSNBC should get rid of Buchanan because of his thinly veiled racism. While I'm all up for Buchanan speaking his mind, no serious news outlet should be broadcasting his offensive views.

Anyway, a fellow named Frankie Jones took extreme exception to this and fired off a psychotic, anti semitic rant accusing me of all sorts of affronts to the white race. It's quite well written, but utterly idiotic and a sad example of intellectualism peverted by deep seated insecurity and prejudice. Here it is in full:

It’s quite amazing to watch your comical and typically liberal attack of Pat Buchanan, especially with the ideological disconnect and moral contradictions that are prevalent in your rant.
On the one hand you say that discrimination is wrong, including when it’s done to whites, yet you turn around and attack Buchanan for speaking out about this, smearing him as a “grumpy white man” who indulges in “irrational fear.” You specifically object to what you call his “furthering the cause of the white race,” and take it upon yourself to call for him to be censored. The ideological disconnect and blatantly racist double standards which you invoke here are hilarious.

Apparently every group on the planet has a right to organize and speak publicly against acts of discrimination against them except for white people. You are so disgusted with Buchanan’s pointing out these prevalent racially discriminatory hypocrisies that you implicitly admit exist (and even practice yourself) that you actually felt the need to dedicate a whole article venting your rage about it and demanding that he be silenced. You say that Buchanan is “technically right,” yet you turn around and are enraged by such expressions from honkies, you try to cut it off by pulling the usual liberal game of invoking collective inherited racial guilt in trotting out a laundry list of historically shaky and politically-skewed racial grievances clearly intended to discount every complaint Buchanan – and all whites by extension - has to make. So which is it? Is racial discrimination against whites wrong and whites have a right to speak out, or should whites just STFU, wallow in self-loathing guilt like good little honkies and pay their taxes while giving up their jobs to unqualified idiot racists because of their skin tone? Didn’t you Jews blow your corks when quotas were laid against you? Mind you, you and your liberal buddies would to a man react in shaking rage if a white person had the audacity to collectively judge and blame blacks or Jews in this manner.

If you were a white man and spoke in this filthy way against blacks or Jews, you’d lose your job. You have not shown any ability whatsoever to think of whites in any context other than as a collective of perpetrators who have done nothing but evil to the world and therefore have no right to speak against discrimination against them even if you know discrimination against them is wrong. To you, whiteness carries an asterisk, and that asterisk is your shrieking collective guilt mythology. It’s really cute how you lefties say we don’t exist as a race until it’s time to pin the tail on the honky. What in the hell is wrong with you?
Dead palefaces did so-and-so therefore us wicked pale-skinned have forfeit our right to fight anti-white racism for all time? Who are you to tell us that we are not allowed to defend ourselves? In your hateful attempt at myth-building, you can’t even present history in a remotely accurate way. You continuously refer to whites as a collective wicked monolith who participated in wanton rapine and slaughter to a man, whose endless generations have blood on their hands simply by virtue of being born pale. What kind of psycho are you? Can you name me a single racial group that hasn’t done something evil somewhere? Are all Jews collectively responsible for the crimes of the Zionist state and have therefore no right to complain of people mistreating them? Why is it that whites are singularly told that they are responsible for the deeds of the long dead of their group and share in the blame? The twofold answer is simple: anti-white racism and economic jealousy. Ideologues of the far left, especially, in their refusal to admit the superiority of the capitalist economic system prefer to attempt to disqualify the economic and scientific gains of the western world by pulling the “you-stole-it-all” card. Why are you pulling this crap if you’re pro-free market?

You act as if you are unaware that few whites owned slaves, and that most of us worked for a living and didn’t all sit around and crack whips on people all day. Countless societies have engaged in slavery and invaded and kidnapped millions – long before honkies ever did so. In fact, Muslims did it to whites for a good 1,000 years (with the aid of you Jews, you collective of self-serving disloyal subversives) before Columbus set sail and it resulted in approximately 3 million whites being kidnapped and taken to the Barbary Coast while the rest in occupied areas lived under the thumb of imperialists.

Why is it, then, that whites aren’t allowed to harbor group hostility and suspicion toward Muslims and Africans and demand payments from them? OH, that’s racist bigotry and anti-Semitism to suggest such a thing, right?! What’s with the endless anti-white moral double standard here? Why do you people peddle this filth like Tylenol? Who is the race baiter, here? You are, and your arguments are standard liberal cookie-cutter boilerplate pablum. For God’s sake, get original and learn to think outside the box, you Zmag-loving pinko.
I remember why I’m not a leftist anymore. You people are so full of shit, and you, sir, are a Jewish bigot who has a deep-seated hatred and fear of white Christians.

I thought that the argument started off quite well. The author makes an fairly reasoned argument that it is no less legitimate to discriminate against white people than it is to discriminate against other minorities. This was not what I was arguing though - I was simply saying that affirmative action is warranted because of historical injustices done to minorities by whites in the West (notice I did not refer to other countries).

The rest of the email is just a weird rant on white supremacy (we invented capitalism, so must be superior), and a complete disavowel of the massive crimes Europeans have commited against those with darker skins. I never claimed that any race or nation has not been guilty of horrendous crimes. I simply feel that as a white European (and Jew), it is only right that I take responsibility for the crimes my people have commited against others. It's what we call taking responsibility. Not sticking your head in the sand and pretending nothing happened, when history clearly states otherwise.