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Were the Iranian Elections Fair?

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By Ben Cohen

I must confess that I have wholeheartedly swallowed the MSM's immediate assumption that the Iranian elections were stolen by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I did research that supported those claims, but they were also mostly from western media outlets that in retrospect, may not have been the best places to go.

Let us not forget, most of the western media outlets did little to no reporting on the flimsy case built by the Bush Administration to go to war with Iraq. They had a political motive (not to offend the government), and failed miserably in their role as the fourth estate. They also did little to challenge the glaringly obvious fact that George Bush essentially stole an election in 2000.

Most of the American press has been completely obsessed with Iran, paying close attention to the intracacies of Iranian society and following the most minute details (twitter pages, facebook profiles etc). They have been brazenly anti Ahmadinejad, and have cast him as the bad guy and Mousavi as the good guy. This isn't to say that Ahmadinejad didn't steal the election, and isn't an awful human being, but it is interesting that the American press would pay so much attention to a country that wields no influence over America. Why? Because the media has an easier time speaking truth to power as long as there are no consequences. Ahmadinejad is an easy target, while George Bush with 90% approval ratings is a difficult one. This isn't to say that Ahmadinjad isn't an awful leader, and he didn't manipulate the the election. He is, and he might have. But so far, that hasn't been a balanced analysis of the election, partly because we haven't had access to the voting details, and partly because the Western media has already made up its mind.