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Twittering for Change in Iran

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While I've bashed CNN for relying on Twitter and facebook to report on Iran, Chez Pazienza points out that something amazing is happening in the Islamic country, and it social media outlets are playing a big role:

The ascendancy of new media as a cultural force has brought with it an
unprecedented level of transparency -- it's made it much harder for a
few to lie to many outright. Neither the suppression of information nor
the oppression of people survives very long in sunlight -- and with
everyone being given the ability to be his or her own crusader, through
something as simple as a blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, there's a hell
of a lot of sunlight out there right now.

Just ask the government of Iran.

The truth, like everything else these days, can be spread virally. And hopefully, it really will set you free.