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Public Health Care. Now

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By Ben Cohen

Bob Cesca sums it up:

I'm anxiously anticipating the public health insurance option -- as long as it's not crapped up with triggers or trap doors.

Actually, "anticipating" doesn't suffice to define my mood right
now. I need it. My family needs it. Because the private health
insurance companies have essentially told me that either they want all
of my money, or nothing. And if I were to acquiesce to their thievery,
I could once again count on premiums randomly being jacked
up and, as so many Americans have experienced, coverage being outright
denied, all for the sake of profit margins, stock quotes and obscene
executive salaries.

A government healthcare plan, on the other hand, would be
specifically tailored for stories like mine, and it's my only real
chance of having health insurance anytime soon.

I'm lucky enough to have no pre-existing conditions, but my rates have still gone up. I am going to leap at the public plan as soon as it is made available. I'll even pay more than I'm paying now just to spite the criminal enterprise that call itself 'health insurance'.