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Political Blog Readership Plummeted After Elections

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By Ben Cohen

Simon Owens surveys 20 of the leading political blog's traffic during and after the Presidential election:

For consistency, only blogs that openly displayed their traffic
statistics through Sitemeter were surveyed. The number of page views
does not represent the number of unique visitors to a site, but rather
the number of times a page was loaded.

I found that page views for all political blogs fell 109,719,615, or
53%. Right of center blogs weathered the post-election season a little
better, falling only 37%, while blogs that were left-of-center fell by

Some blogs did better than others. Instapundit, for instance, was
the only blog to show a slight increase in page views between the two
months. Hot Air and Ann Althouse also saw a much less significant drop
compared to all other blogs. Out of all the blogs surveyed, MyDD saw
the most significant drop, with a decrease of 80% in pageviews.

This is part of the reason why advertising on political blogs has fallen dramatically too, although a large part of that is due to the recession. The decline in readership for liberal blogs is a big issue for progressives and progressive bloggers. Blogs present an awesome tool for political organizing and still reach a highly desirable audience (educated middle class consumers are an advertisers dream). If too many are starved of funding, many excellent sources of information will die, and progressives will find it harder to rally the blogosphere around their cause.

The progressive sites that weather this storm would, I imagine, be in good shape for the future when advertising rates pick up and the next election cycle pops up. Untill then, it looks like many will struggle to survive, and a fair few will unfortunately wither away.